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Hilltop because this is where spiritual foundations are laid and future leaders are moulded. At the Junior Church, we run our own parallel services with adult males and females who are driven by the passion to reach their generation for God. We’re committed to the Hilltop’s vision of ‘raising leaders, modelling Christ.’ This church consists of Top Children and Top Teens.

Top Children is designed to ministering and catering for children between ages;

Creche [2-11 months]: this class is for children who are old enough to stay without their parents in the capable hands of well-trained teachers and minders who will make them feel loved, changing diapers, feeding them and praying for them. Tender Touch 1 [1years]: This class caters for active children. They enjoy a lot of hugging, cuddling and dancing from their experienced teachers. They also employ creative Godly TV to teach them.

Tender Touch 2 [2-3years]: Teaching starts in this class. Due to their short attention span, the bible is taught in a fun-loving manner with way creative aids. Aglow 1 [3-5]: This is an interesting class because at this age our children are curious and want to know “why” everything is the way it is and why what they are taught is the right thing. In this class there are no room for assumption.

Aglow 2 [6-7]: Here, the teaching is designed to allow the children gradually grow-up to take responsibility. Therefore, the teaching is more ‘matured and exciting with less focus on activity.Top Stars [8-9]: This class is specially designed to meet the growing needs of those who are no longer children, yet are not teenagers. Teachings are carefully packaged to meet their needs in terms of peer pressure, sex, puberty and other issues related to their development.Preteens [10-13]: This is a transition class between the children and teenage church. Teachings are designed to take care of the growing needs of the children who want to be seen as adults and as being capable of taking decisions.

Teens [13-18]: Our teens’ church is actually a “full-church” on its own in the sense that it has all aspects of a church represented in it. It is made up of vibrant young people who are passionate about serving God. Topteens Church provides a conducive environment for young people to express themselves using their talents in dance, drama, music and other skills for serving God.