HQ Address: 7/9 HILLTOP DRIVE, OFF WATERLINES-ELEKAHIA LINK ROAD, PORT HARCOUT, Core Values- (Love, Excellence, Accountability &Purity)


“……making you an explosive force for God”

God called each of us in the body of Christ to fulfil a specific purpose on this earth.  Whether you are called to make ministry your life’s purpose or you are called into the equally valid helps ministry, there are timeless scriptural principles available to help you succeed.

Whatever God has called you to do, preparation is never a waste of time. Statistics show that 80% of ministers drop out of ministry, 80% of those who stay are on the verge of burnout while only a few of the remaining 20%  fulfil their calling. Doubtlessly lack of preparation is at the root of these statistics. The Hilltop Ministerial Bible College exists to training people for the work of ministry thus providing the much needed aid along the road to success in life and ministry. Few dedicated months of preparation is a small price to pay for a lifetime of successful ministry.

Why attend HMBC?

  1. “If you are asking “What should I do with my life or wondering whether you are called to ministry or not, HMBC is a good place to come and find out.
  2. You will strengthen your relationship with God by getting trained in the word and in the spirit.
  3. You will be exposed to practical information that you will find very useful in your personal life and ministry.
  4. You will receive spiritual ‘deposits’ that you might not even know are there until a situation comes up in which you need it. Some things can never be taught, they can only be caught by the law of contact and transmission.
  5. Training here will help you learn His voice; this is an indispensable tool for success in life and ministry.”
  6. If you want to be blessed and become a much better minister in your local church even if you are not called to the full-time ministry, then HMBC is for you.




Designed to expose learners to basic bible appreciation and application, redemptive realities and effective leadership principles.

Leadership Studies, New Creation Realities, Dynamics Of Faith, Biblical Prosperity, Church Administration, Vision Analysis, The Holy Spirit & His gifts, The Holy Spirit & His Leading, Basics of Righteousness, Principles of church growth, Love the way to Victory, Church Finance & Management, Health, Healing & Wholeness, OT & NT Survey, Hermeneutics, Homiletics, Biblical Business Concept, Marriage & Family Life, Eschatology, Believers Authority/Deliverance, Missions & Effective Prayer.

For anyone who is interested in: Discovering God’s plan for life and ministry; Preparing for the ministry; Personal growth; Gaining a better understanding of God's Word; Deepening their relationship with God.

Course fee: N20, 000.00, Covers tuition and application fee.

Certificate in Bible Appreciation and Leadership Studies.

12 weekends
1st SEMESTER- 1st weekend in April
2nd SEMESTER- 1st weekend in August
Thursdays & Fridays: 5.30pm-9.00pm
Saturdays: 8.30am-4: 00pm except on sanitation weekend.

A Dynamic Learning Experience…

A combination of the rich teaching of God’s Word and practical, hands-on ministry experience provided by our instructors who have accumulated decades of experience make training at HMBC a rewarding experience.  Students are required to participate in –

1.            Group presentation based on the book of the year.

2.            Field work in church planting or cell ministry.

3.            Tutorials.

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