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Home Cell Groups (MAPs)

The MAP is an acronym for the Master’s Action Plan. It is what is commonly known as house fellowship elsewhere.

Map Centres are cell groups where people make great friendships and also reach out to others in the neighbourhood. Im MAPs, you will discover how to maximise God’s gift in you.


In addition to fulfilling the five purposes of the church, the Map is designed to deliver the following objectives:

  1. To provide personal pastoral care for individual members of the church through visitation, bible study, prayer and welfare.
  2. To serve as a drag net for reaching non-Christians and other prospective members
  3. To provide support for members through benevolence and ministry extension responsibilities, such as ceremonies and dedications.
  4. To enhance member’s personal development and subsequent integration into core leadership through practical service.
  5. To strengthen the membership base of the church.


The Map offers tremendous benefits to both the members and the church as a whole. Some of these benefits includes:


Providing an opportunity for the discovering and development of the ministry gifting of members, allowing them to rise in the leadership structure of the church. Caring and sharing is pronounced amongst brethren (Rm 12:15). Individual member’s gifts are quickly recognized and released for the benefit of the body (1 Corinth 12:1-7)

  1. It brings growth numerically and spiritually
  2. Every member is cared for, known and loved by members of the Map, which is the smallest unit of the church.
  3. It aids in the preservation of old and new members.
  4. It gives people a sense of belonging and the workload is spread, as every member belongs to a smaller unit.
  5. There is multiplication of results.
  6. It fosters a broad –based impact on the community through evangelism (Acts 5:42)
  7. The house becomes a miracle centre where problems are solved.
  8. It fosters relationship; people tend to only attend social functions of persons they know in church, they attend based on relationship. People become committed to you when you are committed to them. This forum happens in the map.
  9. When Christians gather to worship God in a home, that place is blessed. Find any closes to you