In the church (Hilltop) partnership is the voluntary association of likeminded individuals to publish the gospel of the kingdom in our present-day reality. Partnership is not a fund Raising Arm of the church, it is a vision : Gods vision given to our man of God. As we partner with them, it is an opportunity for us to set ourselves up for greater blessing as kingdom partnership is connecting with Divinity.

We have 5 arms of partnership:
1. New Experience Telecast
2. Herat2Heart
3. Today in his presence
4. Missions
5. Top media

New Experience Telecast: church services and faith messages are broadcast on THE NEW EXPERIENCE, which are aired on African Broadcasting Network, Cable Mission Television (CMTV) , Nigeria Television Authority, Rivers state Television, SilverBird TV, and a couple of other local broadcasting networks.

Each week, pastors Chris delivers God’s message of faith and encouragement to more than 5,000 attendees. One out of the three weekly services is broadcast on four television stations where it is viewed by over two million Nigerias each week and more than 10 million viewers all over Africa. This telecast is called New Experience with Pastor Chris Oarhe.

Heart2Heart foundation: In a bid to effect a positive change in the rapid degradation in relationships, marriages, families and the misconception of love especially in the Niger delta region of Nigeria, Dr Stephanie Heart2heart foundation was birthed.

The foundation has since gained more ground having broadened its horizons to cater for projects like:
1. Train a child project
2. Annual Relationship Conference
3. Annual Grant’s provision for students in secondary and Tertiary institutions
4. Leadership empowerment program for students

We reach out to the Greeks through your giving which is MISSIONS partnership. And we hope to spread our tentacles beyond the creeks to other African nations preaching Jesus and giving skills to the people . The myriad of activities in Niger Delta Missions field include: village crusades, free health outreach, benevolence outreach etc.

With your in partnership, Today in his presence has been made available to hospitals, hotels, prisons, Greeks and globally .

Partner with Today in his presence, New experience, Heart2heart, Top media and Missions to create a new path for the lost. Give today to fulfill proverbs 11:30b “And he that winneth souls is wise”. TOUCH A LIFE TODAY!

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