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2 Timothy 1:8

Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me his prisoner: but be thou partaker of the afflictions of the gospel according to the power of God;

  • My name is S.S I am a new member of the Hilltop Church, actually everything started when I came to this church for a program but was beaten when I got home. Later after two years I got admission in UNICAL and for some time I never went to church. I came back to Port Harcourt; I saw the poster “Exceed”. I decided to come and I prayed for my dad who had been imprisoned for 6 months now. To God be the glory he is out and free.


    Also, I came for the Students Submit and God Healed me. I had this pain on my right leg and I found out that my grandfather did something in the past with my destiny but thanks to God I’m healed and favored. Praise God.

    S P



  • During last year’s convention, I received a word that I would spend money I did not work for.  I got the email to resume work in an Oil Company and also got paid my full October salary without working. I resumed work on the 14th of November!!!

    Secondly, my mother got her full healing after laying my mantle on her all through the night.  She woke up the next morning doing things by herself; this   is after being ill for over 2 months.

    The God of Ephatha opened the door of a new job and the door of healing come and my family.



  • During the pre-anniversary (on Wednesday) I prayed asking God to clear my debts and favour me financially. Even before then I have been praying and believing God. I keyed into the anniversary and prayed on Tuesday (20th November, 2018) opening of the convention, I came early and helped in cleaning some things, I went to a corner of the church prayed and asked God that I must testify today. I met one of the people am owing, after we chatted for a while, I asked that he should still be patient with me, but his response shocked me. He told me not to worry about it again that I should not bother paying back again. I thanked him and left with joy in my mind because I have been thinking of how to pay all my debtors. I thank God for I know he will do more.


  • I have been working with Real Estate for some time now. At the beginning it has, it was awesome, superb and wonderful doing this job, but at a time I started noticing some hardship and disappointments nothing was moving again and this happened for many months, at a time I gave up and started applying for another job which I have undergone some interviews and waiting for their calls.

    But during the time of Convention I came out and I made a vow to God telling Him that I don’t even have the money that am promising you but am not afraid because I know that you have giving me all it takes to fulfill double, but only you can remember it just a twinkle of an eyes you will usher me into my billionaire level, but God remember your word in scripture you said you are going to bless the work of our hand that was the short prayer that I made and went back to my seat to my greatest surprise the day that the program finished that was on Sunday I was on my way to my house a discussion came one man was asking me so Laura you mean work with Real Estate and you don’t tell me, I said Sir am so sorry I taught you know, so he quickly asked me the location of the properties and their prices I quickly did that he promise he will be coming to my office that next day of which he did, when he came he mention the kind of property he wanted so we took to the site and after that right there before me he picked and paid a property worth millions and this person I am even talking is one of our daddy in the Lord.

    I just want to return all the glory to God indeed his word works.


  • I finished my secondary school since 2009 and struggled with my WAEC for six years and finally made it 2014. After which I started struggling with my admission for another 3 years and by the grace of God I ran into Brother Caleb on 26th November he gave me a hand bill and invited me to church and I followed up while hoping for the admission this year and each time I complained to him he advice me to keep pressing on in prayers and I did so. To the glory of God on the 19th of December I received a text message that I have been admitted and that I should confirm it. I immediately used my sisters phone to check and found out it was true. I put a call across to Brother Caleb to let him know. Am so grateful and will continue to remain grateful to the God of Hilltop.


  • I have believed God for a major Financial Breakthrough due to challenges in funding my Master’s Research Program. I joined HILLTOP CHURCH last year at the beginning of my Research Program, later joined the Academy after hearing so many Testimonies from the academy, I began to understand God and have deeper understanding in an unusual way. Last week during Rev. Chris teaching about multiplication, the Holy Spirit ministered to me to drop the highest value of money in my pocket as offering during prayer session which I did after several agreements within me. This happened again during the prayer section of the last service I yielded even if it looked foolish as it was all I had with me. The following day I got an award letter for scholarship I applied for several months ago to fund my Research Program.

    Bro. M

  • I woke up early in the morning on Sunday 8th November 2015 with a very serious stomach ache; I was afraid and thought someone has poisoned me. One mind told me that very soon I will start vomiting blood and die. But I remembered the preaching of Pst. Chris previous night that was on 7th November 2015 during the convention. He said that it is not time to cry but to SPEAK. Then I laid hands on my Stomach and command that ache to stop. Immediately the pains stopped. It was like magic and I became whole again till now, no more stomach ache.

        G.E (RCCG visitor}

  • I was arrested on the 28th June, 2018 with Four Court Charges, namely Armed Robbery, Kidnapping, Rape and Cultism; was sent to Port Harcourt prisons and during my servicing, the Hilltop International Prison Ministry came in and ministered always to us Inmate and I held onto the word of God without doubt, kept on confessing my release until 4th of July 2019, I heard my name that the Judge wants me in Court, when it was not my Court Date but believing God I went to Court that day and God released with and the Judge discharge with no case to answer. Now I am a free man indeed.