The Top Children Church

The ‘Top Children’ church is dedicated to ministering and catering for the needs of children between the following age groups

Creche(3-11 Months)

This class is for children who are old enough to stay without their parents in capable hands of their well trained teachers and minders who will make them feel loved, changed their diapers, feed them and pray for them

Tender 1 Touch (1 Year)

This class caters for  active children. They enjoy a lot  of hugging, cuddling, and dancing from  their experience  teachers

Tender 2 Touch (2-3 Years)

Teaching starts in this class. Due to their short attention, the bible is taught in a fun-loving manner  with very creative teaching aids

Aglow 1 (3-5 Years)

This is an interesting class because at this age our children are curious and want to know ‘why’ everything is the way it is why what they are taught is the right thing. In this class there is no room for assumption

Aglow 2 (6-7 Years)

Here the teaching is designed to allow the children gradually grow-up to take responsibility. Therefore, the teaching is more ‘matured’ and exciting with less focus activity 

Top Stars (8-9 Years)

This class is specially designed to meet the growing needs of those who are no longer, yet are not teenagers. Teachings are carefully packaged to meet their needs in terms  of peer pressure, sex,  puberty and other issues related to their developments

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