HQ Address: 7/9 HILLTOP DRIVE, OFF WATERLINES-ELEKAHIA LINK ROAD, PORT HARCOUT, Core Values- (Love, Excellence, Accountability &Purity)


The Top Teens Church: The Top Teens church is dedicated to ministering and catering for these categories of young people. The teens church has her own pastor in the person of Pastor…..

Preteens (10-13 years): This is a transition class between the children and teenage church.Teachings are designed to take care of the growing needs of the children who want to be seen as adults and as being capable of taking decisions.

Teens (13-18 years) : Our teens church actually a “full church” on its own in the sense that it has all aspects of a church represented in it . It is made up of vibrant young people who are passionate about serving God . Top teens Church provides a conducive environment for young people to express themselves using their talents in dance, drama, music, and other avenues for serving God. They are the ‘next generation’ of the Hilltop