HQ Address: 7/9 HILLTOP DRIVE, OFF WATERLINES-ELEKAHIA LINK ROAD, PORT HARCOUT, Core Values- (Love, Excellence, Accountability &Purity)


Hilltop Academy is the resource development arm of the ministry, focused on raising leaders modeling Christ. Jesus is our example for ministry; He said, “Come and I will make you fishers of men.” He spent much of His time developing leaders. Hilltop Academy was established in direct pursuit of our vision and mission. The Academy, an embodiment of the 5 Purposes of the Church as ordained in God’s word, is comprised of four schools (levels) namely: Membership School, Maturity School, Ministry School and Evangelism and Outreach School.

Each school is unique in its purpose. Our process of building leaders involves a training and discipleship programme. We recruit a range of experienced volunteer trainers, who have been certified through our rigorous and intensive trainers programme. The Academy commenced its 1st session on the 12th July, 2008 with a total number of 487 registered students. The enthusiastic response of students was overwhelming, as they turned up in their numbers.

Schools In The Academy:

1.Membership School (100 Level)

Serves as an entry point where first timers, who wish to become members of The Hilltop and new believers receive foundation/fundamental Christian training and also learn the requirements of becoming a member of the church. The purpose is to turn sinners into saints. At the end of the session, demonstrated knowledge of the curriculum and partaking in water baptism by immersion qualifies you to be absorbed into the Hilltop.

 2.Maturity School (200 Level)

This is designed to mature members for the work of God, through training and development in prayers or intercessory ministry. The purpose is to turn members into disciples.

 3.Ministry School (300 Level)

This is where disciples are enlightened and empowered to become ministers. Through training and practical interactive exercises, students are guided to discover their S.H.A.P.E (Spiritual gifts, Heartbeat, Abilities (natural), Personality and Experience/Expectations).

 4.Evangelism and Outreach School (400 Level)

This is the zenith of the entire training; centering majorly on field work evangelism, mentorship and growing/establishing new Map Centers (cells). At the EOT School the production circle is completed as the labourers venture out into the unharvested fields of society.